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Our commitment to circular fashion is in our DNA. Born from a desire for sustainable fashion, we provide a secure platform for rehoming preloved luxury items. Starting this year, we want to tell you our story. Join our journey on redefining the future of fashion, one item at a time. Learn more below to discover our initiatives.

1. Conscious

Transparency is key at Huntstreet. We believe in sharing our eco-conscious actions and data to raise awareness and inspire positive change in the fashion industry. Together, with Bumiterra, we keep track of our carbon emissions and are constantly working to reduce them.


100%    Emissions transparency.

2. Circular

Circular fashion thrives on creating a closed-loop system that eradicates waste. We don’t only practice circularity by giving preloved luxury items a second chance, we also act as a platform where Hunters can buy these items from their earnings.


1    in    10    Hunters are also sellers.

By improving seller engagement and tools, we create an accessible platform that welcomes circularity.

3. Climate

In our pursuit of minimizing our impact on climate change, we partnered with Bumiterra to calculate our carbon footprint and remove these emissions. This partnership involves reforestation in Borneo, Kalimantan, sequestering carbon emissions, regenerating biodiversity, and empowering local communities.

We're giving back to nature.

1 ha    of degraded land is being restored,
in partnership with Bumiterra.

On average, shopping at huntstreet reduces EMISSIONS by

Every Purchase Count

Choosing to shop at HuntStreet not only significantly reduces your carbon footprint through the choice of preloved items but also by avoiding the production of new items. This approach minimizes emissions from production and only accounts for shipment emissions. In contrast, when purchasing items firsthand, the overall production emissions, including the sourcing and processing of materials, are considered.

71.4%    of CO2e emission is reduced when you shop preloved denim.

Choosing preloved denim lands on a lower reduction of carbon footprint at 71% compared to the average of preloved items at 80% since it covers various categories. Denim production require massive amount of water for cotton growth compared to other fabrics like polyester and wool, leading to a higher carbon footprint. From growing and processing the cotton to dying it, a single pair of new jeans uses up to 11,000 litres of water!

Shop Denim With Us

For climate, biodiversity, community

Partnering with Bumiterra, we have committed to restoring these three nature-positive pillars.

Net Zero Future Net Zero Future
A net-zero nature

Restoring 1 ha of forest sequesters up to 15,000 kg of CO2e per year, equivalent to saving up to 1,688 gallons of gasoline consumption.

Rehoming Native Nature Rehoming Native Nature
Restoring native trees & wildlife

By committing to restoration, we regenerate more than 20 native species of trees and conserve at least 9 types of endangered or threatened wildlife.

Empowering Communities Empowering Communities
Empowering communities

The work of restoration also means securing jobs and food for at least a family of 4, and provide them with sustainable income.

Learn More


Empowered women in fashion who lead the way for HuntStreet's mission.